Monday, January 4, 2010

Pennies at Examiner vs. Real Dollars at Mahalo

Every time I see posts like this, I just want to cry for them.  In an entire month, with 95 ARTICLES, she made $33.00 on Examiner.  How on earth is that worth the time spent to write them?  I make that PER DAY on Mahalo.     Easily.  95 articles on Mahalo not only would have made her a minimum of $437 dollars, but she would ALSO earn all AdSense revenue on those pages thereafter.  She would have been probably up over $500 dollars easily if she were on the How To team.  If you're writing just for fun, then sure - but you wouldn't have an passive income blog where you're tracking goals if you didn't care about the money being made!

On Mahalo, you can write about what you want, at your own pace.  You control the content.  Pages don't have to be "newsworthy" to perform well.  Some of my biggest pages are actually related to video games, such as PetVille Cheats.  I have become sad at Examiner that I have to keep writing articles to keep up my revenue, and even then it is so TINY.  Dollars a day isn't enough for me, it has to be substantial to make it worth the hours I spend on it.

I'm now up to over $1500 made on Mahalo, and I've had fun doing it.  There is such opportunity here for writers who want to write How To's (like eHow) and make upfront money + passive income on it.  It's an actual career for some people.