Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Writing For Mahalo - An Update

Aside from a couple articles this month on Suite 101 (which have made me just under $2.00, big whoop)....I have been concentrating full time on Mahalo.  I have several new things to talk about with Mahalo:

New Mahalo Homepage

Mahalo is currently switching over to Mahalo 3.0, which is an overhaul of the site to make it more user friendly and have even better SEO to bring more revenue to our pages.  So far, there is an overhaul on the homepage, and on individual pages.  Check out one of my recent pages to see the new look!

Vertical Managers

As part of the Mahalo 3.0 soft launch, they're rolling out a new feature which is "vertical managers".  A vertical manager will no longer be in charge of managing their own pages, instead - they'll be in charge of a whole category on Mahalo (such as Finance, Shopping, etc.)  They will earn 20% of all Adsense Revenue of all pages within their category (up to 3,000 pages).  Considering right now, I have 100 pages...and I'm making about $2-3 dollars a day of passive income on them (with 40% Adsense revenue), I think this will be lucrative.  Obviously, some categories have more potential than others because of high CPC and higher search traffic (like finance, health), but this is going to be an exciting opportunity for motivated writers.

I've submitted an application to become a vertical manager, and I'm really excited about it.  I'm looking forward to reporting about it if it becomes official.


One thing that frustrates me about sites like Examiner and eHow, is how you're not technically allowed to report your earnings.   Mahalo takes a completely different angle on this, and provides total transparency.  You can see leaderboards of what everyone is earning.  You can see a preview of the upcoming payout coming this month, which is what everyone is earning.  Here is the payouts for last month.  You can really see the earning potential in Mahalo.

So that's it, this month has been great.  I've earned probably $900 this month on Mahalo, and I'm not really trying ALL that hard yet.  It's a shame that more freelance writers haven't discovered it yet.

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