Sunday, December 6, 2009

Suite101 Forums are Discouraging

Over the past few months I have been doing some experimenting with various online writing sites.  I have tried out Examiner, Suite101, Mahalo, Demand Studios, eHow, and more.  So far, I'm completely sold with Mahalo.

Suite 101 Writers are a Bit Delusional

Without meaning to offend, I have spent a lot of time reading the Suite101 forums over the past two months.  As of this moment, I have written 6 articles and I have made $6.67.  I'm disgusted with this amount, but the people on the Suite101 forums say that is a GOOD start.  These people are looking forward to and excited for their first $10.00 cashout!  Some of them have been trying for MONTHS to get to the ten dollar cash out!

When you read the forums, there is a trend that always happens.  One person sas "wow, earnings are low here".  Another person replies "They do start off low, but its all about residual earnings and it will increase over time.  Just look at the finance writer who brought in over $5,000 in ONE MONTH!".  Everyone keeps bringing up this one particular writer who did well.  I'm sorry - but that's not enough to keep me invested in an online writing site.

Regardless how you look at it, having to write hundreds of articles and then let them sit for a year to make piddly cash is NOT a good use of my time.  The earnings there are so low, that it is not a good way to spend my time.

The Mahalo Comparison

The only reason that I can see people writing on Suite101 over Mahalo is because they don't know that Mahalo exists.  Mahalo is hands down a better environment for writers and makes big money.

The How To Team at Mahalo makes both up-front cash and residual passive income.  You can either write one of the tasks from the giant queue of available tasks, or request your own.  So just like Suite101, you can write about what you want.  The QC team is filled with people who help mentor you to be the best Mahalo writer you can be.  So just like Suite101, there is a great team to help you out.  Mahalo pays anywhere from $3.50 - $5.00 per How To upfront, and then you earn %30 of the Adsense revenue on the page.  You have control over the layout of the page.

In almost all ways, Mahalo is better than Suite101.  I have made over $1500 with Mahalo in the past two months, part time.  Suite 101 is full of people hoping that their hard work will eventually pay off...while on Mahalo its been two months and I'm seeing my writing paying my bills.  Here is information on joining the How To team on Mahalo.

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  1. thanks this is really encouraging coz am about to join Mahalo from Kenya. Thanks