Monday, April 12, 2010

Why I love writing for

I'd been writing for Mahalo for many months, but eventually I got to the point where I realized I was spending dozens of hours a week on Mahalo for only a couple hundred dollars.  This was not a good payout for me.  I do continue to make residual income on Mahalo (about $100/month) so I am not abandoning it but right now I'm writing for instead.

Here are the reasons that I'm loving writing for

  1. I have actually made hundreds of dollars per month doing this.  I have had my National Facebook Games Examiner column only since the beginning of March, and it's earned me almost $400.  That is outstanding for writing that I'm finding FUN.
  2. I get to write a regular column about a topic I *love*, Facebook games.  This doesn't feel like work, it feels like fun.
  3. I can write as many times a day as I want.
  4. I can run my own promotional campaign and really drive traffic to my column.
  5. It looks like a news site, and people often take what I say to be very credible there, which makes for lots of links.
  6. There is no editorial review process, which means that I can pump out articles quickly and write the way I want.
  7. I've been contacted several times by other places about writing for them, so it is somewhat lucrative for opening up freelance doors for me.
I am consistently in the top 5 Gadgets & Tech Examiners nationwide, so I'm doing *something* right.  I am loving this so far.

If you sign up, feel free to use the referral code 39749 so I can earn $50 for signing you up. :)  I plan to stop slacking and blogging here more!


  1. Thanks for the great and enthusiastic article.

  2. It's nice to hear of someone doing really well on Examiner. I can see why you earn so much, you have a great topic. I have two topics, one national and one local, but I don't make anywhere near what you do. However, I have noticed that my earnings are increasing since Examiner updated the look of their site. I plan to stay awhile to see how it goes and how the earnings do. Thanks for the post. :)