Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where to spend my freelance time?

I have a 40+ hour a week fulltime job, so writing is a side project for me in my spare time.  However, my spare time hasn't been all that plentiful lately.  How do I decide which website to spend my efforts on?

Demand Studios requires a lot of work on my part per article.  Most of the articles are not in my comfort zone and require a lot of research to write an article that won't get rejected.  The money is good, but it's all upfront money.  There's nothing I'm really looking to purchase or pay off right now, so I'm really looking for passive income.

I signed up with Examiner and I am the San Diego Social Media Examiner.  I quickly saw that even with decent traffic, I'm looking at $1-$3 a day.  I'm already making that on my horse forum with Adsense revenue.  I just don't see the point in devoting time and resources to writing articles for the Examiner when I could post the same content to a blog and SEO the heck out of it to get hits.  I also tried Suite101 and eHow, and I'm feeling similar sentiments there as well.  I've written three articles for Suite, and am no where near earning anything.  If I'm going to do a revenue share-type product, I at least want to know a guarantee that I'll be paid something.

This is where Mahalo comes in.  I have been on the Mahalo How To Team for over a month now, and I go back to it on and off.  I have about $180 Mahalo Dollars there (which is unfortunately only 75% of the actual dollar value) and most of it is just from passive income on pages over the past month or so.  I'm up to almost a dollar per day at Mahalo and I have definitely seen an increase.  I'm confident that my numbers will get higher as my pages live on the site longer and I update them more.  I have about 50 pages right now and rising, and I'm starting to really snag some pages that I think will blow up.

Mahalo works by letting you claim pages and write them, and then earning 40% of the AdSense revenue.  You also get up front money for creating the page, anywhere from $2-10 Mahalo dollars.  So there is a small upfront bonus and also the revenue share.  If my pages perform well and I snag good pages, there is a money making opportunity there.  It's also FUN to own and build pages.  I really like having a chance to put my expertise and research ability to a fun use.

I'm working hard on building out more pages right now.  I'll report back on how these daily earnings go up as I spend more time and increase my collection of pages.

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