Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why I Want to Be a Freelance Writer

I've heard this a few times now.  "Why do you want to be a freelance writer?".  Most people assume it's because I don't like to work, or I don't like driving.  These actually are pretty far from the truth.  Here are the reasons why I want to freelance write from home.

  1. Flexibility - I own a beautiful horse that I'd love to spend time with every day.  Being able to set my own schedule so that I can go out to the stable daily at varying times would be wonderful for my happiness.
  2. Future Flexibility - Freelance writing from home and establishing clients that allow me to work from anywhere will be great for not only having children in the future, but also in case we ever relocate.
  3. Motivation/Self Starter - I am the kind of person that if given unlimited income potential will work my butt off to make money.  Freelance writing means that I will generally make what effort I put into it, and I enjoy the idea of this.
These are the three top reasons why I am going to keep working hard until I can make this dream a reality.  Why do you want to be a freelance writer?

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